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Skincare is Selfcare

Mental health is a hot topic right now in New Zealand, and so it should be.

A 2018 survey uncovered that 1 in 6 New Zealand adults had been diagnosed with a common mental disorder at some time in their lives.

Those are HUGE statistics, and although saddening we can at least take comfort in knowing we are not alone.

Mental health is important to us here at Natures Pond, and we know first-hand how struggling with a skin condition like Psoriasis or Eczema can contribute to this, or at the very least low self-esteem.

At times when you’re experiencing high anxiety or are in the depths of your depression, it is natural to struggle to take care of even yourself, and this is due to a complete lack of mental energy. Let’s be real, even the most basic of tasks are hard to manage when mental health is low.

But here’s a few reasons why making a conscious effort to implement a skincare routine can increase your overall mental well-being and give you the self-confidence boost you need!

Skincare routines give you a reason to hit pause.

 If you're spending even just 3-5 minutes in the morning and in the evening dedicated entirely to taking care of yourself, you will soon see a lift in your mood. It’s almost meditative, washing, cleansing, and moisturising your skin in a calm, quiet environment. It can be the break your mind needed to re-energise!

You might even use a slightly fragrant skincare range that helps you tap into your sense of smell, as well as your sense of touch! For those suffering with anxiety, focusing on the five senses can be a powerful method for bringing back a sense of calm.

Skincare can help you reclaim your self-confidence!

You are so worthy; you just don’t know it yet. Your brain is being overwhelmed with your inner monologue that’s telling you right now that you are not worthy, but by taking time each day investing in your skincare routine, you are physically showing yourself you are in fact worthy. You’re not only nurturing your skin, but your mind.

In turn, consistent skincare routines will lead to healthier skin, and give you  back your self-confidence!

Skincare is taking baby steps towards self-care.

We’ve said it above, when your mental health is low, it's hard to undertake any task let alone self-care. What you will find is that by starting with baby steps (simply washing your face before bed), you will be left with that ‘feel-good’ energy which will motivate you to become consistent with a routine. Your body and mind will respond to that feeling, and you will start to find the energy to look after yourself on the whole.

First and foremost we would always recommend you seek professional help if you are struggling with your mental health, but our aim is to bring awareness to the benefits that a regular skincare routine can have on your mental health! It’s been said before, skin-care is self-care.

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