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We love helping people with skin issues so if that is you, you are in the right place!

Natures Pond was born out of necessity at first, as my daughter Amber suffered from Psoriasis. So, we understand first-hand what it is like to suffer with a skin condition that may be visible and can leave you feeling embarrassed. Whether it is something like Psoriasis, Eczema or dry flaky skin, we are here to help you and provide hope with our natural, healing skincare products!

Our healing balm and skincare is proudly handcrafted, to offer you some relief from that niggly skin issue! Or maybe you just want some natural skincare to cleanse and nourish your skin every day, making it healthy and glowing. You will love the feeling of knowing you are using natural, wholesome ingredients!

What makes the products so amazing for your skin is the inclusion of four NZ native plants - Kawakawa, Manuka, Kanuka & Tarata. We actually grow this on our property in Waipu, Northland. There are no nasties with these and the healing benefits you get from the plants are phenomenal. We could spend all day listing them, however the simple response is – the benefits for you are incomparable to man-made medicine.

You may be wondering where it all began…

In 2009 my daughter Amber was diagnosed with an incurable skin condition, Psoriasis, along with a (not so short) list of allergies. This started an in-depth journey of research for me, and a trial and error healing journey for Amber.

It humbles me knowing we grow and nurture these plants and turn them into 100% natural, handcrafted healing skincare products. Our passion for what we do is evident as the results have been nothing short of incredible.  We hope you feel comfortable to ask questions, share your story with us or even before and after pictures as we love to track other’s success.

We look forward to being part of your natural health and healing journey.

Sally x