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5 uses for Natures Pond Healing Balm

Rashes- Rashes come in all kinds of shapes, sizes & forms. It can become such a predicament trying to self-diagnose on Google right? A downward spiral to the inevitable some might say.  However, good news, I can proudly say our Healing Balm is a GREAT topical product for all kinds of rashes; nappy rash, heat/sweat rash, chafing, athlete’s foot, heck the list goes on!

Psoriasis- Right, if you’ve read my previous blog post you’re well aware our Healing Balm is a life-saver (literally!) in the psoriasis department, so I won’t ramble on I will keep this one short and sweet. Psoriasis, this one’s simple; Natures Pond Healing Balm.

Muscle Soreness- Are you reaching the point where you do a day’s physical work and you feel it for a week? Yip, we know the pain. Well… due to the healing properties from the incredible plants we use inside the balm, it works wonders for inflammation and internal pain too (topical application of course!). Rub the aching muscles with the Healing Balm and there you have it - back to feeling youthful again.

Itchy Bites- we all know them, we get them and we HATE them. It’s night one of that camping trip you planned months ago yet you still forgot the insect repellent and wake up head to toe in bites. We have the solution for you! Grab your Healing Balm from the first aid kit or the one from the center console of the car and lather up.  You’ll be glad to be rid of the bites & itch.  We also have you covered with our 100% natural Insect Spray or Balm. 

Last but not least, Cracked Heels- Change in the season does it for me. When do you get the worst of it? (Let me know in the comments below). This one is easy, right before bed rub the Healing Balm into those dry, rough heels and pop a light sock on for good measure, sleep, repeat and cracked heels be gone!

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