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It’s just one straw’ said 7 million people

Now I'm not saying dive into a complete zero waste life, a wise soul once said "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly" (Well said, Anne Marie Bonneau).

Below are some manageable low waste changes you can incorporate into your daily life - its 2020 time to do your bit I say?

Tip 1 - Ditch the straws!
You can go without, you really can. Think about the turtles, and if you don't like turtles... think about your grandkids.

Tip 2 - Reusable grocery bags!
Is it really that difficult to walk an extra few metres back to the car when you realise you've forgotten? I don't think so...

Tip 3 - No single-use plastic bottles!
We are very lucky in NZ to have amazing quality water. Take advantage of this: fill your drink bottle, again & again. (Besides, don't even get me started on what is in the plastic and how bad it is for you).

Bonus low waste tips for the ones who kept reading (also thank you!); 
- Buy a keep cup 
- Grab groceries from bulk stores (start collecting jars)
- Grow your own produce
- Bamboo toothbrush
- Ladies, moon cup
- Soap & shampoo bars

Now I don't want to come off harsh, but as the millennial generation in this world, it really is up to us. There is no more nice ways to put it. Do you want to see your grandkids running their toes through the grass? Take them on a camping trip in the forest? Swim in the ocean? Then the time to act is now, our world is slipping away.

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