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I have been using a number of products from the Natures Pond range and think they are amazing. The lip balm applies so nicely and all 3 have a very nice subtle smell - which I love! The Healing Balm is definitely a must have for anyone new to the range, we use it daily for anything and everything. Dry patches, grazes, sunburn, insect bites, it’s an everything balm and all natural which has been great knowing that I’m also able to use it safely on my 3yo as well. Such a great range that I would highly recommend 🙌🙌🙌

Melissa P

I don't like to openly admit it but I get cold sore break outs. Normally from outbreak to fully healed takes about 8 - 9 days. I had a breakout Monday. It's only Wednesday night and during this time I used your healing balm. Results are.... It's nearly healed and barely visible and it's only two days in. Super stoked. Nothing I have tried has ever shown results like this. Not even close. Magic potion. A must try.

Nikki M

The mint lip balm never leaves my side!! The best and only lip balm I’ll now use ❤️

Emily S

Definitely recommend the Wild Lily Moisturiser, I have super dry skin and it helps so much! Honestly wouldn't go a day without putting it on now. I also have the Healing Balm which I put on any skin irritations and it always helps! Love love love!

Ashleigh P

The healing balm works amazing, it heals cuts and rashes within days and even works for skin and scalp psoriasis. Bonus - it’s smells super natural and nice

Amber W

I just wanted to let you know your balm is amazing, I've had a rash around my eyes that I haven't been able to get rid of and your balm has cleared it all up.

Anna W

Despite being a little sceptical about 100% natural products and their effectiveness, I am an absolute convert after trying this Healing Balm. I have used it in place of an over-the-counter antiseptic cream a few times with impressive results. Now the whole family use it!

Sue A

I just have to share I am loving the new additions to the range. The natural face wash is divine, so moisturising and I just love the smell! In glass too!

The mint lip balm is delicious, really fresh, so moisturising in this cold weather. No dry lips here, thank you.

Joy S

Your healing balm is awesome, it healed all the dry skin on my ears.

Colin C

My dog had a rash on her tummy for weeks, everything I’d tried she licked off and it wasn’t healing. I had some of your Healing Balm for my Psoriasis and thought I’d give it a try on the dog, firstly she never licked it once and within 3 days the rash was gone, saved me another trip to the vet. 🐶

Mike M