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Dealing With Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis sucks at any age, especially as a 17-year-old girl!

Hello, welcome to my first EVER blog post. My name is Amber and I suffer from Psoriasis. What is psoriasis you might ask? Psoriasis is defined as “a skin disease marked by red, itchy, scaly patches”. Although, if you asked my then 17-year-old self for a definition ‘psoriasis is a gross embarrassment that lives on my skin’ dramatic right?

I am writing today to shed some light on the taboo topic of skin conditions, because why should it be gross and embarrassing? Who is to say it is or is not?

My name is Amber and I have psoriasis. I was first diagnosed when I was 11 years old; 11 years later I am still living with the incurable skin condition, the only difference? If you asked my 22-year-old self for her definition it would say ‘psoriasis is a part of me and I am managing it to the best of my ability.’

The number of doctors and skin specialists I have seen over the past 10 years is more than I can count on both hands and feet. Why can’t they help me? Why am I not cured yet? Is the repeating thought going through my mind walking out the door each and every time (while scratching at my red weepy scabs might I add!).

Enough was enough and with no real help from the NZ medical sector my mum, Sally, took matters into her own hands. We felt it was time to take a natural approach (we didn’t have many other options in all honesty!) But Boy OH Boy am I glad we DID. Wow game changer is all I can say.

Starting from the inside out I took to weekly visits to a naturopath, psychologist and kinesiologist. For topical healing my beautiful mother spent sleepless nights researching and creating what you now know as  “Healing Balm’ from Natures Pond NZ – Can I use game changer twice? Because WOW. Within 4 short weeks (after 6 long years) my skin was nothing of the sort.

Settling down, scabs healing, no more wrapping my hands in socks to sleep to prevent scratching, changing the sheets every second night due to weepy blood messes, (I’m not here to sugar coat things, this SUCKED). I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Skin conditions suck, but I wouldn’t be on the journey I am now, I wouldn’t be writing you this blog and I wouldn’t be able to help anyone in the shoes I’ve been in (hell, even shoes I haven’t been in!) without it. My name is Amber and I have psoriasis.

Please chat with me, leave comments below, ask any questions and stay tuned for my next blog post coming to you soon...

Amber, xx


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  • Charlotte on March 02, 2021

    Hi. Reading about your condition , I’m thinking perhaps your balm may help me. I have a skin condition in my ears! They get dry and itchy, I scratch then they weep then it flakes off and starts again. Drives me nuts. Even catch myself doing it in the night. It’s embarrassing too when I’m out and they get itchy. Then about a year ago my scalp is getting itchy, seems to be spreading. Not too flaky or sores. But gets itchy. Would be nice to have these problems relieved.

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