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Cream cleanser versus face wash – what is the difference?

Different skin types suit different skin care. Do you know the difference between a cream cleanser and a face wash? And more importantly, do you know which one suits your skin type?

Here at Natures Pond, we handmake both - a beautiful hibiscus cream cleanser and two refreshing herb and floral face washes. All three of these face products are vegan and infused with skin healing and soothing ingredients.

Cream cleanser versus face wash – what is the difference?

Generally, a cream cleanser is more moisturising and hydrating than a face wash. Cleansers contain mild ingredients to lift away dirt and dissolve oils while providing gentle hydration for your skin. They are best suited to people that have drier or more mature skin, as well as those with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea. Cleansers are usually mild, and non-foaming.

In comparison, a face wash is more suited to those that have oiler or acne-prone skin. The foaming properties of a face wash are ideal for clearing away excess oils and stubborn impurities. They give a deeper clean and will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

If you have combination skin (such as an oily t-zone but drier cheeks) you might benefit from using both a face wash and cleanser to balance out your skin. You could use a face wash first thing in the morning to remove oils that have accumulated overnight then at the end of the day use a cream cleanser to give a hydration boost while you sleep.

It is important to note that your skin type can also change with the seasons. In winter, skin tends to dry out and this may be the time to swap to a cream cleanser. In summer, as the weather warms, skin tends to get oiler, and this may be the time to try a face wash.

Our Natures Pond skincare products

Here at Natures Pond, we have tried to create products that are very adaptable to different skin types by keeping them very gentle and infusing them with healing and soothing plants. Because of this our skincare is suited to all skin types. If you have any questions about deciding which one is best for you or which one to try first just contact us. We would love to discuss options with you!

Our hibiscus cream cleanser is very gentle. It is great for removing make up and everyday cleansing. It is infused with skin healing plants and Vitamin E to feed the skin and has oats to give you a gentle exfoliant. The cream cleanser will leave your skin feeling clean and healthy and is suitable for everyday use.

Our floral spritz face wash is a natural facewash that cleans your skin. This product is infused with some of our wonderful healing natives - kawakawa, manuka, kanuka and tarata, as well as chamomile, lavender, geranium, and Vitamin E oils. It is lightly foaming and suitable for everyday use. Perfect to keep in the shower.

Our herbal mist face wash is very similar to our floral spritz but along with the healing natives of - kawakawa, manuka, kanuka and tarata, it has chamomile, frankincense, rosemary, mint. A lovely, fresh, mildly-foaming, face wash that cleans your skin and is suitable for everyday use.

The glass spray bottles our face spritz and mist comes in means it is quick and convenient to use, simply shake and then spray on to face or fingertips and gently massage into your skin. Rinse off, and for best results follow up with our wild lily moisturiser.

You can check out our range of Natures Pond skincare here. If you want to know more about the healing properties of our native plants and why we infuse them into our products, click here.

With healing love,

Sally x

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